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Our Tradies Optimisation Guide, tools and templates will show you how streamlined business processes enabled by digital systems can help your trades business combat increasing pressure to meet deadlines, manage teams and maintain business cashflow.

The tradies guide to optimising your business for better productivity and profitability


With activity heating up in the trades and construction industry, it’s more important than ever for tradies to save time and maximise efficiencies wherever they can.

7 pillars of success

Understand ways your trades business stands to benefit when it optimises its systems and processes.

Tips and tricks

Choose and implement digital systems for your trades business.

Excel calculators 

Estimate the productivity and profit gains your business could be making by digitising its systems and processes.

Excel system matrix

Identify the right job management system for your trades business.

Why trades businesses choose Findex

“There are so many hats to wear when you’re running a trades business but from our first day working with Findex, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief. They had all the experts on the case, and within a month, we had carried out surveys, a full financial analysis and defined our direction with a map on how to get there. Working with Findex helped us discover what Kennedy Building was all about and helped us discover the “Kennedy Way” of doing things, which is what makes us stand out from our competitors. We are always telling other tradies who are battling away, to get some help from the experts.”

- Will and Louise, Owners - Kennedy Builders


Additional business process optimisation resources for tradies

Give your trade and construction business one extra day with business process optimisation


How profitable tradies use reporting and metrics to keep their eye on the prize


Add 30k to your bottom line by digitising your trade and construction business


Getting the right project management system in your trade business can lead to real dollar gains


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Time management for tradies

It doesn’t take long for most trade business owners to discover that, when you’re running your own business, time is your scarcest resource. Before you know it, the demands of work take over, your schedule is out of control, you are working long hours to try and manage it and you come home every day stressed out!  

The good news is, there is a pathway forward. And with a bit of structure and planning, you can learn how to shift your mindset and develop a plan that will help take control of your time and schedule to give you back hours in the day.

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Attracting and retaining tradies

Taking our learnings from working with hundreds of tradies across New Zealand, Findex has developed an easy to follow HR playbook to help tradies and trade businesses level up their ability to recruit, retain and get the best out of their people and teams.

 This playbook will teach you how you can invest the time and resources to create an environment that will help enable your people to be aligned around a common purpose and vision, so your hard work pays off in spades.

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What's included in your Tradies Optimisation Guide